Framing Our Past 2.0 team

By Janet Lee, University of Toronto Led by professors Marie-Hélène Brunet & Rose Fine-Meyer, and including four graduate students Tifanie Valade, Janet Lee, Manouchka Otis, and Béatrice de Montigny from the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto, the Framing Our Past 2.0 team was assembled to make an important intervention in history teaching […]

The Post-War Housewife, The Feminine Mystique, and “The Comfortable Concentration Camp”

By Monda Halpern, Professor, The University of Western Ontario(OWHN Conference, Fall 2022) With the 1963 publication of her book, The Feminine Mystique, which spawned feminist activism that spanned four decades, Betty Friedan can be counted as one of the greatest social reformers of our time. Friedan wrote that her Judaism was integral to her feminism, […]

Western University’s First World War Stationary Hospital: The Importance of Archival Work in Undergraduate History Programs (From the Perspective of Two Undergraduates!) 

By Abigail Parsons and Paige Milner(OWHN Conference, Fall 2022) For most undergraduate history students, the majority of their university career is focused on essay writing. Between the two of us, we have written almost sixty individual essays over the first three years. And while these can be educational, our experience working with archival material for […]

Archeion & Women’s History in Ontario

By Jazmine Aldrich Archeion Coordinator, Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) Archeion, an online archival information database maintained by the Archives Association of Ontario (AAO), can help you discover histories of ordinary and extraordinary women from all walks of life. It acts as a directory for Ontario’s archival resources and the institutions that maintain them. Members […]