OWHN Conference 2021 – Part III: Longtime members

The October 2021 OWHN Conference included the papers “Networking: How the Ontario Women’s History Network Works for Me” by Linda M. Ambrose, “Public History and OWHN” by Dianne Dodd, “A Renewed Feminist Pedagogy” by Sharon Anne Cook , and “A Personal Reflection on OWHN: Encouraging and Supporting Students” by Alyson King. Networking: How the Ontario […]

OWHN Conference 2021 – Part II: Selected Papers

The October 2021 OWHN Conference included the papers “Holding Museums Accountable for Women’s History” by Beth Atcheson, “OWHN and Weaving the Tapestry of Women’s History: the view from an OISE Field Centre” by Elizabeth M. Smyth, and “Founding, Foundering, Fostering: Some Personal Perspectives on OWHN’s Organizational History” by Gail Cuthbert Brandt. Holding Museums Accountable for […]

Death as Life’s Work

Death as Life’s Work: Waterloo Region Undertakers and Funeral Businesses, Illustrated Histories 1850 to2020 by Marion Roes, author and self-publisher Death as Life’s Work comprises histories of people in a seldom researched profession, one that affects the life of most people, funeral practices. Two of the 30 interviews are with women funeral directors, licensed for […]

War Art in Canada

Throughout Canadian history, conflict has been a catalyst of change and a destroyer of worlds. With a notable emphasis on women’s creativity, War Art in Canada explores the universal theme of war through the country’s visual and cultural past. Weaving together artworks and stories to inform and enlighten us, author Laura Brandon navigates both peaceful […]

Second Wave Oral History Collection

The voices of 116 women from all parts of Canada,telling the stories of their activism on behalf ofwomen, can now be heard and explored in the Second WaveFeminism Oral History Collection (uOttawa, Women’sArchives).  Some of the women and stories will befamiliar, many are not, adding to the dynamic paletteof feminism in Canada. Funded by Nancy’s […]