Ontario Provincial Virtual Heritage Fair 2021

Every year OWHN collaborates with the Ontario Heritage Fairs Association (OHFA) to award a prize for women’s history at heritage fairs at schools across the province. OHFA reports that, despite COVOD disruptions, regional fairs were held in North Bay, Kingston, Ottawa, Niagara, Thames Valley and Durham. Over 40 teachers worked with their students to contribute to the Regional Fairs and since the preparation of a project is commonly part of their classwork, we can assume that 600 to 700 students likely took part! Well done!!

The Provincial Virtual Heritage Fair was launched on Tuesday, June 15th: https://www.ohhfa.ca and includes:

  • A welcome video with student interviews and other interesting full-motion clips
  • The showcase of the 74 Award Winning student projects
  • A scavenger hunt with great prizes
  • An extensive list of online virtual tours to explore and enjoy

Attached is a newsletter with more info (click here to download PDF file), as well as a spreadsheet outlining all the award winners (click here to download Excel file) — it is truly impressive to view the diversity represented by the full range of projects, which include feminist and aeronautical engineer Elsie Gregory MacGill, the fillet du rois, women’s suffrage, and others.

Working together OWHN and OHFA are helping to promote exploration of women’s history topics by young Canadian students.