Welcome to the Ontario Women's History Network

The Ontario Women's History Network (OWHN) is a non-profit, Registered Charity organization affiliated with the Ontario Historical Society. OWHN encourages the preservation, production, and dissemination of women's and gender history in Ontario, with a special emphasis on the teaching and study of that history. We welcome students, teachers, museum professionals, public historians, professors, archivists, librarians, independent researchers, and others interested in women’s and gender history.

OWHN sponsors an annual conference on a theme or event pertaining to women’s and gender history in Ontario. Recent conferences have included themes such as Women and Booze, Gender and Ethnicity in Early Canada, Women and WWI, Women’s Foodways, and Women in the War of 1812. An annual general meeting is typically held at this conference. OWHN members receive a discount for these conferences as well as an occasional newsletter.

From time to time, OWHN supports, co-sponsors or participates in larger women’s history conferences, events such as museum exhibitions, and organizations such as Ontario Heritage Fairs.

OWHN’s volunteer board consists of a Chair, Past Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer; and nine Directors at-large.  All OWHN members are eligible to be on the board, which is elected at the annual general meeting.