Call for Papers / Save the date

This year’s Ontario Women’s History Network conference will be held in London on October 25-26 at Museum London. Always a wonderful chance to network and to hear about the latest in women’s history, this year’s conference will examine the theme of the history of women and health, broadly defined. There will be opportunities to tour the museum’s new history of London exhibition as well as other local historical sites.

Send us your proposal: We would love to hear from others working in this field and invite you to submit a proposal for a 15-20 minute presentation. Subjects might be but are not limited to the history of:

  • Women Medical Practitioners
  • Gender-based Violence and Health
  • Women in Health Care Systems
  • Diet, Food Health and Gender
  • Health Care in the Home
  •  Gender , Sexuality and Medicine
  • Women and Workplace  Health
  • Gender and Mental Health

Please send a one-page proposal (under 250 words) to:

Deadline for submission: 15 July 2019

The Ontario Women’s History Network (OWHN) encourages the preservation, production, and dissemination of women’s and gender history in Ontario, with a special emphasis on teaching and study of history. We welcome students, teachers, museum professionals, public historians, professors, archivists, librarians, independent researchers and anyone else interested in women’s and gender history.

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